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Trip Reveal:

I am sitting in the Newark Airport drinking a hazy IPA while people watching at the nicest airport terminal I’ve ever been in. In Newark, New Jersey of all places, I know. I have had quite the journey up to this moment! Here’s the sparknotes version:

I was supposed to arrive to my destination on Saturday morning but, due to the bad weather, my flight was cancelled. An older version of me would have had an anxiety-driven panic attack. This version of myself was, of course, thoroughly annoyed but pivoted like a champ. I got a new flight booked ASAP , moved around all my reservations/tickets, and just accepted that this is what was meant to happen. As reconciliation for the drama I endured the night before, I decided to extend my trip - because she deserves it.


Alas, I don’t even care that there was some travel issues.. Because I’m about to absolutely fucking go for it and jet off to….. IRELAND BABY!!!!

*how annoying will Irish people think I am if I tell them I’m 5% Irish*

I’m so excited to travel and get out of the country for a bit. I’m going to be blogging as I go and have two big posts planned. Please follow along and send me any recommendations! TY to all the kind feedback I got from my previous post - it’s so appreciated! I am so thankful for my R&M readers, you guys have no idea. Cheers!!! R&M is going international baby!


Note: If the formatting of these posts look a little off bear with me… I’m editing and writing on my iPad which can be a bit different than how I normally publish. Thanks!


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