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To the guys I dated in my 20s..


I know, so off-brand of me to thank men for all the lies, tears, heartbreak, manipulation, disappointment, and overall wasting my time. However, I find myself truly being grateful to them. My 20s were filled with so many different types of men and infinite lessons. Let's dive into some of them, shall we?

  • R - age 20-21

Starting off hot here with the only toxic relationship I've ever had! This loser cheated on me yet I still couldn't cut him out of my life. I made him tell his Mom he cheated on me before going on a cruise with him and his family. Weirdly, I'm extremely thankful for this relationship because it taught me the most regarding my self-worth.

  • T - age 21/22

He was dating another girl at the same time as he was dating me. Lesson I learned: basketball players will always be dogs *cough* Tristan Thompson.

  • R - age 22-24/29

Loser ex-boyfriend with a failed professional football career who lied/manipulated his way back into my life. He taught me exes are forever in the past. Maybe some of you should read that last sentence again.

  • B - age 24-25

Lived down south and we'd make plans to have weekends together here and there. One day he told me he only liked me for our physical connection - yikes. This one really made me rethink what I value in a man beyond the physical connection.

  • C - age 26

I was desperate for a connection after being miserable living in Florida. I should have learned then to not talk to hockey players *she didn't learn*

  • N - age 27

If you've been a loyal R&M reader you know all about this scummy, little dweeb. Thanks for reinforcing why I don't date guys under 6 ft.

  • T - age 27- early 29 (unfortunately)...

A full-blown sociopath who lived a double life. He was living with his girlfriend and would cheat on her with me while she was at pedicure appointments! He's definitely a monster-of-the-year award nominee.

  • J - age 28

He was two years older than me however five years professionally/maturity-wise behind me. He taught me that I need a man with drive to reach his professional goals. He also taught me I have a type and that's tall, mountain man with killer arms *sigh*

  • B - age 29

The most recent ex-boyfriend *sigh, hockey player* and overall waste of time. Thankful that we broke up so I could go to Ireland instead of our planned vacation. Because then I got to meet....

  • J - age 29 *in Ireland*

We went on a fairytale-romantic stroll through castle gardens as our first date. This was an experience girls literally day dream about. There's so much to say about J however, this is an experience I'd like to keep more private. I will say this... *sheeeeeeeesh*


Well that was fun and definitely an over-share. I hope my readers can take away that dating is a wild, unpredictable journey. Sure, I definitely wish some of these men didn't take up so much of my time. But where would I be without them? As strange as that sounds, I don't believe I would be the confident, know-what-she wants 30-year old that I am today without these men. Thanks for the memories and lessons <3


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