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Breakup Advice: Book a trip

Hey, that's exactly what I did!!! Not just any trip either... a solo European trip! I'll be documenting the trip on IG and drop some hints where I'm going as the date gets closer. Please follow along!


While my breakup was unexpected, it's okay and I *shockingly* don't have any regrets or bad feelings towards that relationship. It was a healthy, fun relationship... but realistically we are just on different life paths. I was, of course, sad that it ended. However, I've been through much worse and more disrespectful situations. I know I'm going to be fine.. and thank goodness she still has some time to enjoy her hot girl summer.

* she’s vaccinated don’t worry *

Enough about feelings, let’s discuss the upcoming trip! The idea of traveling alone has always intimidated me. Thankfully, I thrive whilst being alone and am always happy in my own company. I intend to do all the fun things I can while traveling abroad. Eating alone, trying new restaurants/bars, sightseeing, museums, historical sites, hanging with the locals, shopping, and just immersing myself in another culture. Please feel free to send me solo travel tips if you have any!

This breakup has taught me that you really have to do shit for yourself. That relationship may have been great and you had a lot invested. I know it may be hard to see it now, but there will be other relationships!! There will be other people that make you feel the way your ex did. Just because it didn't work out doesn't mean it's a total loss. It happened for a reason and it just wasn't meant to be.

Now book that damn trip, buy that bag, go on that date, party until you can't anymore, and do something spontaneous. Your life is beautiful and uniquely yours - don't let a breakup break you.


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