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Lessons From My 20s

Yes, your girl is 30! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it's much appreciated. Life has been WILD since I last wrote a dating post. Just a quick recap for those that are new here. My relationship ended beginning of August, with an upcoming trip together planned for the end of the month. A trip that we had planned together and already paid for, no less.

Your girl is a pivoting queen and instead booked a fabulous, solo trip to Ireland. Since returning from that trip I was traveling almost every weekend. Las Vegas, Hamptons, D.C., Denver, Miami, Boston, Manhattan - it was a whirlwind of work, crazy nights, and never-ending laughter.

*moments from the last few months*

Unquestionably, it was exactly what I needed to fully heal from the breakup. One important thing I want to emphasize to you all though about my healing from my breakup... I let myself feel the emotions of it. Which is something I hadn't done with previous breakups. I would try to push down the emotions in order to function. This time it was totally the opposite.

There were countless nights I would just be awake going over moments in my mind. What did he really mean when he said this? What a waste of time. I wonder how he's feeling. You know, those thoughts *sigh*. But I'm so thankful I allowed myself to ride that emotional rollercoaster. If I didn't I wouldn't be 100% over that period of time and be open to connecting with someone new. If you're going through a current breakup and can relate to this, I promise it gets better!!

*breakup vibes*

Now, why you're really here...I wanted to share some of the biggest lessons I learned in my 20s. Some are more serious than others, however, they're all important so whip out your pen & paper!

R&M's Official Life Lessons For Your 20s:

  • Find a solid skincare routine and stick to it

  • Dating men more than 4 years younger than you is a complete waste of time (and bad for your mental health)

  • People who talk pretty but their actions don’t measure up frankly don’t give af about you

  • Don’t ever do a pyramid multi-level marketing scheme

  • Real housewives and Bravo in general helps combat mild depression

  • Athletes are just bad news (but so hot)

  • Travel solo

  • Take alone time when feeling overwhelmed, your real friends will understand

  • You can talk shit about someone but better be willing to say it to their face

  • Don't ever offer to split the bill if they ask you out. WE DON'T FLINCH WHEN THE BILL COMES OUT, SAY IT WITH ME!

  • Don't trust a man who talks poorly about his past relationships (he most likely was the problem)

  • Trust your gut

  • Self-reflection is the key to personal growth


Overall, this past year was the best of my life. I have never had so much fun and learned so many lessons at the same time. I hope to write more in this new decade and continue to push myself to create new, meaningful content for my readers. Thank you for another year of support, it's truly appreciated.


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