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Top 5 Skincare Tips

If you’re new here I turned 30 in January. I feel like my biggest flex in life is when I tell people my age they’re shocked. I just want to say, 30 is NOT OLD.. but I do appreciate the mouth-open, eyes-glazed look I get when I reveal my age.

I attribute my glowy, clear skin to two main things: genetics and a strong skincare regimen. Other than that I have 5 tips for you all that should help! Let’s get into it:

  • replace your makeup sponges once every month (2 months if you don’t use them often.) While we are on the topic you should also clean your makeup brushes once every 1-2 weeks. I use BeautyBlender’s cleansing soap for my sponges and brushes.

  • Try to go foundation free as much as possible, it clogs your pores and your skin needs a break.

  • Use acids in your skincare routine! If you have sensitive skin make sure you look into which acids would be best for your skin type. Azelaic acid is my recommendation for those who are looking to lighten acne scars!

  • Use retinol!!! Retinol is fantastic for collagen production, smoothing fine lines, and fading acne scars. Do your research and read reviews on which retinol you should go with. I currently use The Ordinary’s Retinol 0.5% in Squalane. I’ll be bumping up to the 1% version once I run out of the 0.5% bottle.

  • Shop around for an esthetician until you see serious results. Currently, the only place I go to in Philly for facials is SugarBarSalon in Rittenhouse. I leave the salon with glowing skin and the estheticians there know their shit. Can’t recommend that spot enough! They also provide sugaring services, check them out.

I’m always happy to give skincare advice if you want to shoot me a DM! My favorite skincare brands are AFFORDABLE, clean ingredients brands. Look into The Ordinary, The Inky List, and Youth to the People. Hope this helps!


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