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R&M Essentials: Hair Products

New series alert!! I'm here to break down what hair products you absolutely need in your life. Just a quick background on my hair journey: I have naturally curly hair that has weathered years of heat damage.. as I prefer to always wear it straight. This is so embarrassing to admit but I would even straighten my hair, wet, if I was in a rush. I'd look at the steam/smoke coming off of it and think nothing of it. The horror.

If my hair stylist is reading this, please know that I'm ashamed!! I was a part of the cringe-y ombre hair trend - which left my hair horribly damaged. I also wasn't taking the time to take care of my hair. Thankfully, that has changed and I have a kick-ass list of products you need to bless your tresses with!

Hair journey through the years:

*low-key an eyebrow journey as well*

The essentials:

If you aren't using Olaplex and you regularly color your hair and use heat on it, then you're doing yourself a disservice. Olaplex is a complete hair system that's sulfate and paraben free. The system helps strengthen your hair by restoring your bonds. With repeated use over time you'll see a noticeable difference in your hair! My hair stylist, the extremely talented Jarred of Bobby Mack Salon, says he's seen a complete transformation in my hair because of Olaplex! I have zero desire to try anthing else. I use their shampoo, conditioner, #3 hair treatment, smoothing treatment, and bonding oil. Get into it, sis.

Jarred's Olaplex Suggestions:

#3 is a perfect mask for damaged hair

#8 is the ideal mask for dry hair

Look, dry shampoo is a necessity if you're a sweaty person. For me, it's equivalent to a crisp glass of white wine - it's an absolute life-saver. Living Proof's works well at maintaining that freshly washed look while also being fast-absorbing!

I was recommended this from Jarred (aka the hair god) for helping maintain my blonde in-between appointments. This mask really helps keep the blonde toned in between appointments and is so easy to use. Buttttt it's not just for blondes!! They have color-boosting color treatments for different shades of brunettes and redheads.

I love this hair mask. You put it all over your wet hair, roots to ends, for one minute after shampooing, and then rinse out. I always follow with my normal conditioner and when I blow out my hair it looks soooo shiny. This mask is a must-do before an event or a fun night out - IMO you can see a noticeable difference!

R&M pro-tip: I do the Fabuloso color-boosting treatment *rinse* then the Amika shine mask for that salon-adjacent hair.

This is my hairstylist's favoriteeee. He says the texture spray adds light body, volume, and overall life to hair. He says it's great for those who have trouble with getting volume (*cough* *cough* me). It's the perfect finish for beach waves!


*disclaimer: (unfortunately) none of these products are #sponsored. These are all products I use religiously and can confidently say they work! I'm manifesting a sponsored beauty post one day though! Until then, enjoy my *non-influenced* recommendations from the goodness of my heart*


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