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Makeup Monday: Kate News

New series alert! Wow, I'm really spoiling you guys with new content since re-launching my site... you're so lucky. My friend, Kate News, did my makeup recently and also wrote a post about her journey into makeup. Kate is now accepting clients for Halloween makeup as well as clients looking to get their makeup done! Best way to contact her is by messaging her on her makeup IG page - @k8m8kup.


In an attempt to remember when my love of makeup began, I found myself diving down a rabbit hole of memories - going to Claire’s to buy those lip gloss compacts with a paint brush applicator, doing slumber party makeovers with friends using my mom’s Smashbox makeup, and applying way too much liquid liner during my middle school ‘emo’ days. I had just graduated college when I truly recognized that makeup was a passion of mine. I completed a BFA in painting from Temple's Tyler School of Art and post grad, I found myself in a small apartment with no room or means to continue painting.

I fell into a slump for a bit. I realized that I had truly loved creating art but... creating outside of the facilities Temple gave me was difficult financially, emotionally, and literally. As time passed, I realized I’d turned to a different form of creating - and that was using makeup as a way to fill the void that painting left. It fulfilled my desire to create and express myself, just this time I used eyeshadow and not oil paint. From then on out I was hooked and it’s become a huge part of my life. During quarantine, I decided to document my looks on my new IG page (@k8m8kup - check it outI) and try to gain traction and create a career out of my passion.


Since, I’ve been doing looks on myself and friends, and this past week I had the pleasure of doing Riliegh’s makeup. Here are the products I used for this look:

- Elf Poreless Putty Primer (Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer dupe!!)

Kate's Must-Have Beauty Products:

This one’s not makeup but it’s changed my skin and my makeup application so much that I have to include it I want everyone in the world using this product. Lotion P50 is probably one of the stinkier products I’ve used, but it’s transformed my skin. I apply a tiny bit to a cotton round after cleansing and sweep it all across my face and neck, follow up with my nighttime serums and moisturizers, and let it do it’s magic. My skin texture is completely smoothed over no bumps or lumps and my acne scarring has completely faded. This toner single handedly took me from needing foundation everyday to sparingly using concealer to spot cover. It essentially removes the top layer of skin and any residual dirt dust makeup all those little nasties and evens and brightens. Making using makeup so much easier - a good look begins with a good canvas.

I literally cannot find another brow pencil as good as this one. Color, applicator, everything. This one just takes the cake, and I’ve tried them all.

As I mentioned before, I did go through an extremely awkward emo/goth phase in middle school - shopping at Hot Topic, attempting to gauge my ears, cutting my own bangs into an ‘emo-over’ - all that. So best believe I went through my fair share of liquid liner in my life. From drugstore brands to high end products, I’ve tested liquid liners high and low to fulfill my inner child’s desire for a thick and clean winged liner - and KVD Vegan Beauty (formerly Kat Von Dee Beauty) Tattoo Liner stands the test of time.

For years I’d watched Youtubers and bloggers rave about this product and I always thought next time I run out of my current tube I'll pick this one up. I haven’t used another since. Its high coverage but not a thick consistency - it’s the perfect ratio of coverage to weight and I curse my past self for not just listening to those influencers earlier and getting myself some... because this is the shit.

From someone who has eyelids more oily than most gas stations - buy this. This makes my shadow stay on my lids so long, sometimes it’s hard to remove at the end of the day - and thats when you know its good. I’m also going to ~ reveal a beauty secret ~ I use everyday.

If you fill in your brows - put eyeshadow primer on your eyebrows before you apply your brow pencil/pomade/whatever you use.

It helps the pencil grip onto your skin so your left brow doesn’t rub off in the middle of the day and you’re stuck looking like an idiot (from experience, I know this well). My hair is so blonde it’s almost clear and my brow hairs are essentially nonexistent, so take my word on this one - bring that eye primer up a little more before you fill in that arch.


Kate is not only extremely talented but such a cool girl. Please give her a follow and for real try out some of her must-have products! Again, to book with Kate, DM her on her makeup page - @k8m8kup.

If you'd like to write a beauty post for Revel & Motion please reach out! I love having new voices on my site and it's always fun to explore some new beauty trends.

PS. I linked EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT so for the love of god don't DM me asking for a link, toodles.


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