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What I Do To: Feel Sexy

Hello, welcome to a new series : )


I'm not sure what inspired this but here we are. One of my favorite things to do is to make myself feel good. Because when I'm feeling good I do everything in my life to the best of my ability. A way I like to make myself feel good is treating myself. Indulging myself is honestly an every day occurrence in my life. Whether it's ordering food delivery, taking a hot bath, online shopping, or performing my elaborate skincare routine... your girl gets an A+ in self-care.

For the body:

Currently this is my go-to scent/lotion combo for the bod. My Mom was actually putting this Hempz lotion on and I smelled it and immediately had to purchase it. It's like a coconut-almond smell and is really hydrating. I'll put this on in the morning and my skin will be good for the rest of the day, get it at Ulta. For the scent, I like Lait De Coco from Urban Outfitters. I've never really been a big, expensive perfume girl. This is cheap at $18, and layered on top of the Hemz lotion, it's an alluring, sexy smell. It's not the longest-lasting perfume ever, but it does the job. I've had many guys compliment me on how sexy I smell when I use this combination.

~ Men, if you're reading this (which I'm surprised tbh) this is such an underrated compliment. "You smell so good," *sigh* I love that ~

Every night before I go to bed I rub sweet almond oil (I get from Whole Foods) all over my body. Mostly focusing on my boobs and butt, it's something that makes me feel sexy and also takes care of my skin. In my mind I tell myself it will make things stay perky for longer but.. I can't find any concrete scientific evidence to back it up. BUT, I've also noticed that by consistently doing this my skin is SO soft all of the time. Try it!

For the mind:

I listen to Summer Walker or anyone that's featured on my exclusive sex playlist. If you gawked at that.. well, I am gawking right back at you! How on earth do you not have a sex playlist?! If you need any recommendations you know where my DMs are located. Or maybe one day I'll share my personal one, even though it changes all the time.

I drink wine, preferably white, but honestly whatever I have on hand. My favorite wine right now is this Pinot Grigio I got in my Winc Wine order which is a wine delivery company with great prices and really great options. Here's a link for $22 off your first order - try it for a month and expand your palate, hookers.

Some of you may be scared to imagine this one but sometimes.. I completely ignore my phone and put it away. It is such a nice escape from social media, work stress, anxiety for me to just turn off real life every now and then. I suggest trying it - you'll be surprised how nice it is.

I'll read a book. Currently loving all of Shari Lapena's books, just finished her newest one, The End of Her. If you love a good thriller that will keep you guessing until the end then check her out.

For the ego:

My rising Leo sign is screaming out with this one... I go through old photos or videos of myself when I was looking good or feeling happy. Call me narcissistic, but I really enjoy reminiscing about some of the most fun moments in my life thus far.

I go through my old writing and the more "inappropriate" dating stories. I'm kind of entertaining an idea of a paid subscription to R&M for my more NSFW dating stories. They are well worth the minimal $ I'd charge for a monthly subscription. Let me know if you'd be interested in that!

Another thing I do to stroke the ego, I try on bikinis and sexy outfits. As my dedicated readers know, I dropped 10+ pounds this spring/summer (go read my post about it) and I am obsessed with how my bod looks right now. Best sexy, yet fashionable dress brand is hands down For Love & Lemons! My favorite bikini brands are: Monday Swimwear, Mikoh, and Myra swim (all M brands, lol)


I hope you enjoyed this new series, stay tuned for more in the future <3


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