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The Different Types of Single Girls

Being single can be a fun, hard, lonely, empowering, confusing, and liberating time. Especially in the weird, fucked-up year of 2020. Now, I will never talk badly about a girl finding her groove and figuring out what she likes/doesn't like in a potential significant other. However, there are definitely some tell-tale signs to be able to decipher what stage of single a girl is going through. I have been every type of single girl that I'm about to describe, enjoy!


The Man Eater:

I've kind of recently been this type of single girl and it was fun as fuck. I highly recommend it!! There was a time in 2020 where I was talking to four different guys. It was kind of exhausting and I kept forgetting things I had talked about previously with each one of them, lol. However, it was really fun just casually dating around! If you're wondering, none of them worked out because I discovered I really only enjoyed the attention they gave me, not them as a person.

Speaking of attention, the man-eater is looking for it AND THAT'S OKAY. Who doesn't love attention? This girl is going on a lotttt of dates. Even during summer quarantine time she's sweating her ass off with outdoor dining with a dazzling smile on her face. This girl is most likely on all the dating apps and is busy every night of the week with a different guy. Some may call her a man-eater, but I call her smart. She's casting a wide net to see if there's anyone worth taking the next step with.

Queen RiRi gives me major man-eater vibes

The Monogamous Mama:

Every single person knows a girl like this. This girl has been single for a maybe a month at a time, but somehow pulls a whole ass boyfriend out of thin air. What's her secret? The monogamous mama says she wants to be the man-eater post break-up, but yet she is suddenly in a new relationship! She is naturally giving off major relationship vibes and thrives in couple scenarios. You won't catch her getting trashed in a club at 3 AM, because she's going on a Fingerlakes winery tour with David and his parents this weekend. She's booked and busy... with him.

Mama finding her next bf

If I'm being honest, the monogamous mama kind of baffles me. Jumping from relationship to relationship could be their pattern because they're terrified to be alone. I know girls that are like this and while I want to shake them and tell them to be alone for awhile... I know that everyone is different. Monogamous Mamas believe they are the best version of themselves when they're with a partner. Who am I to judge? Just make sure your man has some tall, hot friends - thanks!

The Crazy Bitch:

Ugh, my favorite type of single girl to observe. Think of a cross between Aubrey O'Day (Donald Trump Jr's scorn ex/Danity Kane icon) and 2007 Britney Spears. The crazy bitch usually attracts a crazy guy because they feed off the drama they unhealthily create together.

In all seriousness... #FreeBritney

When I say crazy I really mean this girl just thrives off the drama. She likes to start shit for no reason, bring up past fights, and may even go through her significant other's phone because she is just looking for something to be upset about.

It's no secret that every girl can suffer from a little crazy moment, especially in the dating world. I have long believed that behind every "crazy" girl there is a man that made her that way. Either someone lied to her a lot and she, understandably, carried over that insecurity into her future relationships. If you find yourself courting a crazy bitch be patient with her. She obviously has been through it in past relationships and just needs someone she can fully trust and count on.

The Magnet:

WE HAVE ALL BEEN THIS TYPE OF SINGLE GIRL AT ONE TIME IN OUR LIFE. There is this curious time where all the energy in the world is on your side. You're a lightning rod of good karma and everyone in your life is taking notice, especially the men. I fucking LOVE being this type of single girl. For me, it tends to be around October-December of each year. Not sure why, because I've lost the summer tan by then, but the universe just throws that magnetic energy my way.

If you find yourself being this type of single girl please take advantage of it. Go on as many dates as possible. Worst case scenario is he's not the guy for you, but you got a free meal out of it (because we don't flinch when the bill comes out babe!) I really believe in working with what the universe gives you and if it's giving you good vibes and opportunities then take advantage of it. Go on all the dates, you never know what might end up working out.


Hope you enjoyed the post! Please stay safe with COVID-19 numbers rising! Wear your damn mask, wash your hands, and mind your own business... toodles!


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