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R&M Interview: Bran Flakezz

I remember the first time I saw a Bran Flakezz "rating my nights from this past weekend" TikTok. It was a nostaglic-like vibe seeing this young 20-something hit up the bars I used to frequent and black out with his gorgeous group of friends. Ahhh the good old days. There's just something about Bran and his videos that are so relatable and entertaining.

*Ladies and gentleman.... BranFlakezz*

Bran does a fantastic job of not only making his TikToks relatable but he's fucking funny. I may be the biggest Bran Flakezz fan in the Philadelphia area because the only reason I even have the mega-popular app anymore is just to watch his videos. If I had a bad day or just wanted to make myself laugh, I go to Bran's page. Also, super chill that Selena Gomez is a fan of Bran's and has even joined him on a TikTok live!

*Bran has a casual 8.3 million likes on TikTok*

I was lucky enough to interview the Philadelphia-based social media star and asking him all the questions my IG followers submitted! Enjoy!


R&M: Let's dive into your social media journey! Tell me about how you got so popular on TikTok

BF: "I was late to downloading the app. I only downloaded it in January... I didn't want to get lost on it and wasn't really interested in it at first. I didn't want to be one of those people that just downloaded it to watch other people. I wanted to make videos! I started off just doing trending sounds and one-time one of my videos went viral and got like 2.6 million views.

In June, I started making videos where I was talking. I started getting more and more likes and realized I could go viral on this app just talking and telling stories. I didn't have to use trending sounds and stuff, I could just be me! I also started following people who give TikTok tips and started posting two videos a day, replying to comments, and got basic tips on the algorithm. I started making money off the app too and the rest is history!"

*Sorry, Bran can't come to the phone right now $$$*

R&M: What advice do you have for people just starting off on their social media journey?

BF: "Be patient, that's the number one rule. Be yourself! The way I found success was talking in videos! You're not going to build a brand identity by just using trending sounds. If you want to get followers you have to turn your viewers into listeners. That will make your followers want to keep up with you. You also have to let go of any fear of judgement." PREACH BRAN FLAKEZZ!!!!!

R&M: Favorite current social media trend?

BF: I love the trending TikTok sound that goes, "are you a Nicki fan? Am I a Nicki Fan?! Pull up in the Sri Lanka." I love those! I've been trying to incorporate that sound into my niche but haven't figured out how to do it yet. Those ones have been cracking me up.

*The queen approves okurrr*

R&M: Most underrated bar in Philly?

BF: "My favorite bars are Vesper, Voyeur, Woodys, Ubahn, and Ladder. But I wouldn't say any of those are underrated.. hmm... West Tavern (also called Westys) in Callowhill is a great dive bar. We would go there during the pandemic and I had SO much fun at this bar. Drinks are, I kid you not, $3. They have a DJ and it's literally a dive. If you're into dive bars I highly recommend going with your friends."

R&M: What is your wildest hook up story?

BF: "Okay well there was the guy that shaved my back."

R&M: "I'm sorry... WHAT!"

BF: "Okay, in Manayunk my favorite college bar ever was Mad River (RIP). Every season they had a Riverpalooza, which was an all-day band/drinking boozefest. It was my last Riverpalooza of college.. I lasted a total of 52 minutes and ran into a guy I used to hook up with. I was super drunk and kind of blacked out. Next thing I know I'm in the shower with him and my face is pressed against the tile and this man is shaving my back. I had razor burn for a week."

R&M: *crying of laughter*

*Bran Flakezz is triggered*

R&M: How is dating in Philadelphia?

BF: "Dating in Philadelphia is the worst. If my husband lives here I would be shocked. I've gone through every single person in this city and.... just no. Philly is small, not small, but it literally feels like I'm going out in high school here sometimes. I feel like you can't trust anybody."

R&M: "Yeah, it can definitely be incestuous in a way here! Some of these guys just make their way through different friend groups."

R&M: What was your worst dating app experience?

BF: "I met this guy on Hinge. First date was fine but our second date... he was very different than the first time we hung out. I asked him if he was drunk and he said he had a few drinks. He's freaking me out, he seems wasted. It's noon on a Sunday. He then goes "my dad died." I asked when it happened and he goes, "he died this morning." He then proceeds to tell me he died 20 minutes before I got there. So yeah, that was the worst."


BREAKING NEWS: Bran is going to be on his own dating show!!! Keep up with BranFlakezz on IG for more updates to watch his dating show, I know I am tuning tf in. Bran is by far one of my favorite people I've interviewed. Give him a follow on Tik-Tok and IG and keep that #gaychaos energy into 2022 baby!


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