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P is for Pathetic

Rachel Kent is looking for a spark. Someone to give her the feelings that the actors so accurately portray in movies. The feelings that most girls secretly crave and silently hope for. The validation of knowing that someone just wants to be with you and you alone. We can all relate to that, right? Rachel thought she found that with... we'll call him P, for Pathetic, and this is her story:

I know, stunning!

Rachel is a beautiful girl who's genuineness shines through when she talks. She's the type of girl that you look at and wonder, how can she be single? Because there are men that are like P, that's why. "I'm looking for someone who's a great communicator... P was really good at communicating," Rachel told me. P came into her life via a dating app and they hit it off right away. She told me a story of when he was going on a trip with his friends and wouldn't have good service. "He would send me emails so I wouldn't worry about him," she recalled. It was P's thoughtful nature, good-looks, and career that Rachel liked.

Hot girl insight: What Rachel likes to see on a dating app profile: photos of them being active, only a few group photos (don't make us investigate who you are), hiking/beach pictures, good responses to the app prompts.
What Rachel doesn't like to see on a dating app profile: gym selfies, guitar photos, snapchat name in your profile (GROW UP), a bunch of club photos.

She told me they were also spending a lot of time together. Their first week they met they ended up going on three dates all in the same week. It eventually progressed to four nights a week and him spending all of his free time with her. "He was even asking me what I wanted for Christmas," Rachel said. She reminded me they had only been speaking for a month at this point. However, she felt serious about him and he was obviously showing her he was serious about her. Just wait, P does the unthinkable and Rachel is not the one to lie to.

Thank goodness for her friends finding his dating profile on the popular app, Hinge. P had been matching with and talking to girls on Hinge earlier that same week he asked her about what she wants for Christmas. Rachel told me she did some investigation on her own to see if P, who she had held in such high regard and saw a future with, had really betrayed her trust.

PRO TIP: If you go to Instagram on a computer browser and go to following/followers it is listed in chronological order. It isn't like that on the phone app.

She saw all of these girls he had recently followed and so she shot them a DM. I know, I love this energy. She explained to them that she had been talking with P for a few months now and he completely played her. Rachel just wanted to save these girls who were potentially falling for P's lies. She also got confirmation that a lot of these girls had matched with him, recently, on a dating app. Another slap in the face - it was time to confront him with the evidence.

"So I sent him a text. Which I should have confronted him in person, because he had so much time to think of his answer (lie)," she revealed to me. P then proceeded to gaslight Rachel and lie and say his "friend" was using his dating app profile and it wasn't really him talking to these girls.


"That's you... and I don't know what to say. He then tried to turn the whole thing on me. He told me the way I reacted to this was so wrong. That I attacked him and should have trusted him. It was the worst feeling ever. It gave me PTSD from my past relationship," Rachel explained. She had previously been in a long-term relationship prior where she was constantly being gaslighted - it's, understandably, a big trigger for her.

If you didn't know, now you know.

P played a pathetic (on-brand) card and decided to be messy on social media and share a snarky post about him only spending time with one other girl these past few months... that girl was a dog. He may have not physically spent any time with other girls, however, he was actively looking to do that and having conversations on multiple dating apps. At the same time, telling Rachel she was the girl he wanted to be exclusive with and he's never felt this way about anyone.

Rachel proceeded to respond in iconic fashion with posting a Tik Tok calling P out and showing all the receipts. *YASSSS BITCH* That video has had more than 40,000 views and P reached out to her begging her to take the video down. It's still up, obvi, you can view it here. Rachel isn't trying to ruin this guy's life, but he has to be held accountable for his shady ways! "If I saw him today I wouldn't say anything to him, I'm embarrassed I ever talked to him. I just know to trust my gut and hope girl's do the same. If you see any red flags then look at them!" Rachel implored.

I know we can all relate to this story and I thought it was important to share with R&M readers. Like Rachel said, TRUST YOUR GUT! Big thanks to Rachel for sitting down with me and getting personal - give her a follow on IG and I hope you enjoyed this cautionary tale!


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