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Ireland Travel Diary Pt. 1

The mix of cool weather and lush greenery is straight up intoxicating. Mix that in with the plethora of handsome, helpful Irishmen with their thick, sexy accents - Ireland is a single girl’s dream. I can’t get over how NICE everyone is! It’s a harsh contrast to the hustle and rudeness of America’s northeast cities.

Let me take you through what I’ve done thus far. My first day was an absolute dream and something I will cherish forever. I checked into my hotel and took a scalding shower to wash away the long flight. I had plans with a local to drive the scenic route along the Irish coast and have lunch at a charming village.

Going around with a local is an absolute must-do because you get to see what they find most attractive about their home. We saw Dalkey Island and had fish pie and chowder with some pints in a great pub nearby. From there he took me to Powerscourt Estate which is BREATHTAKING. Seriously, look it up right this second.

We walked around the vast gardens, holy romantic, and then hit up the estate’s driving range. I learned the Irish take their golf much more seriously than Americans (lol, okay maybe just me). My personal tour guide told me they don’t really drink while they golf.. the horror.

From there we went to a fantastic Thai dinner spot called Nightmarket in South Dublin. The seafood here is great and fresh. I highly recommend trying any and all the food you can while traveling abroad.

The next day I went on a little exploring and ventured to the well-known Temple Bar area. Which my tour guide informed me is strictly for Americans when they visit. Temple Bar is filled with pubs and shops, I visited during the day which is for sure less busy (and rowdy) than at night.

I spontaneously decided to get a tattoo and then did some window shopping. Later on I went and got drinks with my college teammate Kathleen and her sister Molly. I love when you unexpectedly run into people you know abroad. One of those “small world” moments. It’s always great when you pick right back up where you left off with someone. Both Kathleen and Molly are dating foreign guys and I thought that would make a really interesting future post! Please message me some questions you have for them.

So far my must-go to’s in Ireland:

Peruke & Periwig: Incredible vibes and the coolest esthetic I’ve seen in a long time. The upstairs is where you need to sit! It’s romantic, intimate and has an expansive drink menu. The menu is made up of different music genre’s. For instance, the more sweet drinks are under the “Pop” section.

Benedicts: One of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in a long, long time. Free-range eggs, chives, bacon, and their special sauce make up these orgasmic beauties. Located in the Geroge’s Street Arcade which is like a small-open air market.

Pablo Picante: I stumbled upon this place right as they opened. Within 15 minutes there was a line of at least 20 people waiting for their burritos. This place was very authentic and had some of the best spicy salsa I’ve ever had. They also had some cool outdoor seating, I will be returning to try their steak burrito bowl option before I leave.

Bear MRKT: Has been my go-to coffee shop in Dublin. Their iced caramel macchiatos 10/10. The coffee in Europe is just inherently better than anywhere else, in my opinion. Plus, I can eat inside here which is hard to come-by for small coffee shops in Dublin.

Nightmarket: Get the summer rolls and the grilled scallops. They were unreal good and also beautifully plated. The vibe in there was also really cute. A lot of people seemed to be on dates there and had a generally younger crowd.


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