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R&M Guide: Dating in Boston

I absolutely love the city of Boston, if I could move there tomorrow I would. Boston is such a fun and lively city that has a good balance of sports, good food, and hot men. The HOTTEST men in the country actually. That's a bold ass statement and I'm standing by it 100%. Any time I go up to Boston to visit my girlfriends I fall in love with a man I meet while I'm there.

Speaking of my girl friends.. WE HAVE A GUEST WRITER TODAY! She is creator of her wicked-funny blog, The Perfect Player. She has the best ass in Boston and is a straight-up RIOT to party with. I'm so fucking pumped to introduce you guys to one of my closest friends, Megan:


Exciting, terrifying, and repetitive.... Three perfect adjectives to describe my dating experience in Boston & before I jump into the reasons why, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Megan Hunz, frequently referred to as Trash Girl, Bunsberger, or simply The Hunz.

Very much like Revel & Motion, I also have my very own blog The Perfect Player, a blog that guides single individuals to play the game before the game plays them. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania approximately one hour outside the City of Brotherly Love. A couple years ago I picked up my life and moved everything to the Little Bean, or as many of you may know it, The City of Boston. & Before you ask, YES I moved there for a boy at the time & NO we are not together anymore. With that being said, I have recently been crowned the title, “one date wonder.” I date and I date a lot. Majority of the times it’s for research purposes but falling in lust is dope too. Now let's jump into it!

For those of you who do not know, Boston is a very tiny city. In fact, Boston is the 21st largest city in the country. Because of this, dating can feel one of three things: exciting, terrifying, or repetitive. Exciting, because you might run into an ex hookup while on a date with a new hot loser. Terrifying, because you might run into an ex hookup while on a date with a new hot loser. Finally, repetitive because there’s just simply not that many new places to go.

Types of Guys in Boston:

Much like Philadelphia, Boston has it's typical types of guys. We have: The Athlete, The Successful Business Guy, and The Rich Party Boy from New England.

The Athlete: An individual who spends every ounce of energy focusing on his childhood dream, whether it’s coaching at a high level or playing for a professional team. This guy is determined and self-driven, leaving no space in his heart for sweet Victoria down the street. This individual has a busy schedule between two-a-day practices, coaching camps and tournaments, and traveling for game days. Unless he is part of the New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox, this guy is not one to wine and dine a lady. Why? Probably because he cannot afford it. Similar to other guys, this individual has full potential of being a Perfect Player so ladies, PLEASE WATCH OUT!

The Successful Business Guy: An individual who works harder than he plays. This person spends long hours in the office, Monday through Friday, dedicating most of his time to his career. This guy may come off shy and reserved but it’s only because he’s too invested in his own world to care about anything else. This individual can be seen out on two occasions; Saturday at Stats or Lincoln, enjoying brunch with his boys or watching college sports or Sunday in South Boston at any bar with a TV, watching the Patriots play. Ladies, if you are able to lock down one of these guys I applaud you.

The Rich Party Boy From New England: AHHH YES, my favorite individual! This person is nothing short of an egomaniac, ex-frat star refusing to grow up. His family owns a place at the Cape or Vineyard with a 100 foot yacht docked somewhere nearby. This person uses his family’s money to his advantage. He will wine and dine a lady and flaunt his dollar bills all over his Instagram page. This individual belongs to both a golf club and ski resort. He throws raging parties and supplies all of the goodies. This person parties harder than any of the other guys and is not afraid to show it. This individual can fall anywhere in between a raging douche bag and A Perfect Player. He currently enjoys his life and everyone in it way too much to make a change. Full disclosure- Stacy from Delta Gamma, it’s probably not you…IT’S HIM, so RUN!

Where To Meet Guys:

Two words – SOUTH BOSTON.

  • Capo basement, Friday/Saturday, enjoy a live set by Legends of Summer of Dalton & Sheriffs – a guarantee FULL black out

  • Lincoln, any night of the week – Lincoln Sunday is mandatory!

  • Broadway, a chill Friday night or Sunday on game day

  • Stats, 99% guys, VISIT ON A SUNDAY – You won’t regret it

  • Playwright, a 50 % split between girls & guys

Some additional spots:

  • Lucky’s, in the Seaport area - good for a live band and fun first date

  • Scorpion Bar, in the Seaport area - one of the only clubs in Boston

  • The Grand, in the Seaport area - my saving grace, large artists play here so check the schedule before arriving

  • Mariel Underground, new dope underground club in the city, some would say a nicer Capo basement

  • Lolita, in the Seaport area – overpriced margaritas... but a good first date spot

  • Bell in Hand, Coogans, Wild Rover, & West End Johnnies, all bars in downtown Boston... high suggest visiting these spots if you are looking to blackout and text your ex boyfriend!

OVERALL, Boston is one hell of a fucking city and one I highly suggest you touch tips in!


Thanks so much for reading! Please give Megan a follow on IG and check out her blog as well! If you are interested in writing what dating is like in your city please shoot me a DM!!! I absolutely love having guest writers and will plug your IG/blog/keep you anonymous... whatever your heart desires!!


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