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Why You Should Keep Dating

Dating may start to feel repetitive, hopeless, and all-around exhausting after awhile. What's even the point??? Trust me, I get it. I've been there so many times where I've had the same mindset. Have you ever look at your dating patterns closer? The people you're choosing to date may be part of your problem! This post is to encourage you to reevaluate what you're seeking in a serious partner.


Here's R&M's successful step-by-step to get you the most out of dating:

First, definitively decide what you are looking for while dating. None of this wishy-washy bullshit. Be clear about those intentions and communicate them to people you're dating so you know sooner, rather than later, if you're on the same page. Looking for a boyfriend? Tell them you're looking for something serious - so you can weed out the guys just looking for a casual fling.

Second, write down the qualities that are non-negotiable in your future partner. It may sound silly to some, however, you're forcing yourself to write down what you really value in a romantic partner. For my list, I wrote great communicator because that's something I put incredible emphasis on in order to have a happy relationship. To be completely transparent, I also wrote tall because... that's also important to me. I'm happy to report my boyfriend is 6'3".

Thirdly, don't pursue toxic, meaningless flings. If you're spending your energy on people you know aren't right for you, how will you be able to pursue those who are worth your attention? You simply can't do both at the same time. This was a big lesson I learned over my single-girl period. I would entertain these men that I KNEW were just there for attention and to make me feel not so lonely. Instead of taking that time to work on myself I'd waste time with these filler-men. Take time hanging out with yourself instead of filling the void of boredom and loneliness.

And lastly, have a short-memory when it comes to the people you wanted it to work with and it never got serious. Not everyone you lose is a loss! It didn't get past the "talking-phase" for a damn reason. It may be hard to look at things like that right after cutting things off. However, weeks/months down the line you'll be so thankful you didn't waste any more time on hoping someone's "potential." The right person won't "potentially" become the person you want them to be. They already will be exactly what you need.


Take a break if you need a break and date yourself! I hope you enjoyed this post and keep at the dating game.


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