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The Twenty-One Year Old

Funny story: I was actually planning on posting about what hair products I've been very into lately. Instead, I went back in my writing and stumbled across this gem of a dating story. Well, not really a dating story let me give you some context. Nearly three years ago, I was living in Florida and had just turned twenty six years old. I was all about having fun... especially with guys. Enjoy this throwback of a tale and spoiler alert: it obviously didn't work out with the immature, young hockey bro.


Tall, fantastic sense of humor, an athlete, and 100% my type. Just one issue, he was five years younger than me. I’m not sure who to thank for the term, “age is but a number,” but I said that to myself about 728 times while I was making out with the newly legal drinker in a sleazy bar.

Let me back up though and explain how we met. Classically romantic, he slid into my Instagram DM’s. He asked if I was going out that night and I told him my girlfriends and I were thinking of hitting some downtown bars. He invited us to pregame with his roommate and we headed that way. We had followed each other on IG for a while and I thought he was VERY cute but we only knew each other by liking each other’s pictures. Full disclosure: I had no idea how old he was, but he was so cute I would have gone over regardless, just being honest.

We showed up to his place and played some cards while throwing back a couple of beers. He made me laugh, which is the sexiest thing a guy can do in my opinion. We head to the bar and once we get there we kind of just hung out the entire time. People were all around us, including friends I hadn't seen in forever. However, we were clearly vibing with each other and it was like no one else was really there. We had good conversation while at the same time throwing back shots of Grey Goose (just threw up in my mouth typing that)

Suddenly, “Wild Thoughts” by Rihanna came on and he grabbed me to dance. I obliged and as we danced I could feel his boner through his pants, sweet. Blame the liquor, but I thought it was hot and just turned around and kissed him. It was a classic drunk first kiss. A little too much tongue and too little self-awareness. I’m not really a fan of public make-outs but I just wanted him.

“How old are you?” I ask him as I push the hair out of my face and move in closer to him.

“21,” he says with a smile. I can feel my mouth drunkenly fall open. I swear I thought we were the same age or he was even older than me.

“What? How old are you?” he laughs at me. My mind starts racing and I tell myself to lie. Tell him you’re 22 my inner sociopath devil demands. The small, and I mean you need a microscope tiny, angel in me whispers to just tell the truth.

“I just turned 26,” I reply. The angel cheers, the devil curses loudly. He smiles and kisses me as if to say, “older girls are sexy.” At least that’s how I took it.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. I remember making out in the car, in his friend’s house, in his friend’s apartment building’s elevator, in the car again, and some random laughs and talking mixed in here and there. And yup, we definitely had sex and I definitely enjoyed it.

The next morning I wake up and feel like my head is going to explode. I roll over and he’s still asleep, still sexy, and still 21 years old. We have morning sex and he drives me home. When he drops me off I’m not sure if I’ll see him again. I know I’d want to but unsure if it’ll happen, he’s 21 years old I keep telling myself.


I can fill in the rest of the story here... yup we definitely saw each other again and he ended up being the biggest fuck boy ever. He's actually saved in my phone as _____ Fuck Boy. Like, he did unimaginable fuck boy, boss-mode level shit. I hate this guy hahahah. Hey, in the moment it was a fun and spontaneous thing. I'm definitely no longer attracted to immature guys and would not date that young ever again. I now crave maturity in a man because it's so sexy to me, funny how things change as you age. But... it still has to be a tall, mature man, don't get it twisted.


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