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The Trials and Tribulations of Dating Younger and Older Guys:

Hello, hello! I hope you’re all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend. I am catching up on a lot of sleep and enjoying some family time. Speaking of family, my sister actually inspired this post. She called me with the idea and said, “Ri, you typically like to date younger guys. You should write about why.” This is v true and I definitely have my reasons for it. However, I don’t discriminate hunniiii. I have talked to guys as young as five years younger than me to nine years older than me. Boy, oh boy do I have some stories.

Let’s start at the youngest and work our way up, shall we? 

A main reason I like talking to younger guys, and I always say this, is that they’re easier to manipulate. *gasps can be heard from across the land* It’s true though. Younger guys (for the most part, don’t bite my head off) want to impress the hot, older girl they’re talking to. They’ll hit you with the go-to fuck boi lines: “I’m not like that” “I’m a lot more mature than my age” “I’m done with all the sleeping around and partying, it’s gotten old” but ladies….. Come on, we know bettaaaaaa. If you’re not looking for anything serious I highly suggest taking a leap into the younger dating pool. They will like hanging out with you because you’re a break from the immature girls he usually hangs out with, you (for the most part) have your shit together, and there’s something intriguing about a girl with more life experience. They can be a headache though because they’re less mature and still in that partying, limited responsibility time of their lives… wow, I miss that.

Story-time!! So the youngest guy I’ve talked to was 21-years-old and was five years my junior. He was a hockey player, super hot, and really fun. I liked talking to him because he was super goofy and always down to have a good time. However, with most younger guys, they are super selfish and know they could throw a rock and hit a pretty girl with a bomb personality… so why commit? The young hockey guy and I ended in flames and mutual hatred (lol a story for another time) but I obviously learned a lot from that brief fling, that a 21-year-old will do as I did as a 21-year-old. Do you remember what you were like at that age? I do, I was the WORST. I was talking to whoever I wanted and had no regard for anyone’s feelings but my own. Why? BECAUSE I WAS 21!

Dating someone close to your age is pretty refreshing because you are most likely going through the same life struggles. For me, that means the pressure to do well at work, balance a social life, the desire to travel and somehow save money to buy an apt/house. The issue with dating someone in the same life stage is that you are both stressed about the same things and it can become a competition about who’s life drama is a bigger deal. What’s nice about dating in this age bracket is the guys tend to actually have money (lol, sorry younger guys) and like doing the same things you like to do. For example, I love getting drunk and going out to a bar/club with my friends but to do that every single weekend can get old after a little bit. The younger guys are still in that zone. Guys my age like to change it up and maybe go away for a weekend or stay in one night and make a cheese board, lol. Imagine asking a 21-year-old to go to a local cheese shop with you and get your favorite type of Swiss.

Now to the older guys… I’m talking at least five years your senior. Hey zaddyyyyyyyyyyy! Jk, but actually. These guys tend to have their lives planned out they’re just missing a puzzle piece… someone to share it with. Their 401K is looking good, they have a dedicated weekly schedule that they always stick to (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are for the gym), and love to take bi-weekly golf trips with their buddies. If you start dating one of these guys be warned, they are looking for something serious. Even if they say they’re not, TRUST ME. You may have an older guy in your mind that you don’t think will ever settle down, but remember, even Clooney eventually committed. Older guys feel the society pressure just like older girls do. They have their parents/grandparents constantly asking them when they will settle down. These guys like dating younger girls because they believe it’s attractive how their life is all together and all the girl has to do is perfectly fit in. Well, I had a run in with the older guy and I’m going to tell you all about it.

It happened when I was a reporter down in Florida. I met him at a bar and he was an attractive older guy with his life totally together. He worked in commercial real estate, owned a beautiful home, had a sick car, and a lot of money to spend. We went on a bunch of fancy dates and he was border-line obsessed with me, which at the time I liked. He would watch all my news/sportscasts and wanted to hang out with me all the time. I had off Sundays and Mondays when I was working as a news reporter and he expected me to spend all of my free time with him. He legit had a schedule for us. 

On Sunday we would get breakfast, go grocery shopping, work out, then we’d make dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed. Monday he would go to work and he expected me to hang out at his house all day, meet him for lunch, and then we’d make dinner together. 

If you know me… you know I love to be alone when I’m stressed. As a reporter, I was always stressed so my days off were very important to me. I made sure at the start of us hanging out to say how I wasn’t looking for something serious because I knew I wasn’t staying down in FL long-term. This guy said he was looking for the same. Yet his actions spoke very differently. He would plan trips for us like months in advance… and wanted me to take days off work to spend with him. When I decided I wasn’t interested/attracted to him anymore he got mad and said I was wasting his time. HOW SWAY???? I told him right from the start that I wasn’t looking for anything serious. He obviously was though and as a 34-year-old must have been crippled by societal pressures to wife me up, even though I was clearly not the right person for him.

In summary, I would say that dating younger-older doesn’t really matter as long as you’re super up front about what you’re looking for. AGAIN THIS IS ALL MY OPINION… but with younger guys I mainly talk to them because I’m not looking for something serious. I have enough shit on my plate at the moment. I work 55 hour weeks and like to hang out with my friends on the weekend. I’m looking for someone fun to grab dinner with a couple times a week and maybe see on the weekends when I feel like it. Not someone who is expecting me to stay at his place four days out of the week and play house with. If that’s what you’re looking for then I suggest dating your own age or older. Who knows though, the best thing about life is that you’re always allowed to reevaluate your wants and needs. I’m just not going to settle for anything but the best, so I’m going to keep doing me until he comes around… I suggest you do the same.

Wow, this low-key felt like a rant??? Sorry for that… but not really. Okay, quick update on my dating app drama. I have a date from Bumble on Wednesday with a v cute MMA fighter so expect a post on Thursday on how that went. I also enlisted the help from my two friends, Emily and Gabby, and asked (forced) them to get on Bumble and Hinge. They will also be going on dates and they’re letting me write about their experiences. 

Coming up on R+M we will finally have the long awaited skincare post as well as more posts (rants) about guys. As always, shoot me an email or DM with post ideas! I’ve been loving the feedback I’ve been getting and I still can’t believe so many of you guys read my site on a weekly basis, it really means SO much. Enjoy your long weekend and do something I would do ;) chat later!


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