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The Night Before...

Happy new year! For my first post of the year, I'm going to share with you something very personal. Since I was 24 years old I have written myself a letter (more of a rambling manifestation) the night before my birthday. I review the past year and all that I hope comes in the upcoming one. I don't read the letters until the night before my birthday the following year. I wanted to share my last letter I wrote myself because it's crazy how hard work, focus, and accountability can really pay off.


So I’m kind of breaking tradition here… I am writing this a few nights before not the night before like I have in years past. I have a work dinner tomorrow and my friend’s are taking me to dinner on Friday and I know I’ll be too drunk to write something thoughtful. So like the Capricorn planner I am… I'm deciding to write this early (this is so me it hurts).

I just read last year's letter and it made me smile. It seems that every year, since I started writing these, I really focus on the same three things: dating someone, paying off my credit card bill (lol), and doing well at work.

I want to change it up in this “night before” post. This coming year, I just want to be happy and make my family proud. This past year was… challenging at times. I went from really doubting my intelligence at work, to experiencing two different heartbreaks all in the same week. This is the year I lost my TV mentor and friend. This is the year I started seeing a therapist because I felt profoundly sad for the first time in my life.

Next year, I need to buckle down and focus on myself. I deleted the dating apps and am not going to allow myself to re-download them (she re-downloads them, ugh). I’m going to let what is intended to happen HAPPEN! I'm such a control freak and a planner. I need to stop putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

The only thing about guys I will write is this: I'm not going to be disrespected and I will not waste my time or energy on needless flings (yes hunniiii you did just that!!!). I have more important things happening in my life than dealing with a fuck boy that doesn’t deserve me and my energy.

I will be successful this year, get promoted, and be selfish with my time (SHE GOT PROMOTED! AND SHE'S SELFISH WITH HER TIME). I will continue to be grateful to my friends and family. My friends have been great to me and I’m so grateful for them. I'm so truly blessed with my family and I love them more than anything.

This year I will also get in great shape and cook more (lost 15+ lbs and has added some fire dishes in her cooking repertoire).

And as always…. I will continue to have great style, take care of my skin, and write more. Here's to the next year and getting better with age.


Reading this literally brought me to happy tears. I'm so immensely proud of my work this past year. Not only professionally, but personally as well. I've never been more happy with who I am and the growth I've made. Thanks for reading and feel free to incorporate this practice with your upcoming birthday! Also, yes my birthday is tomorrow and yes I will remember if you don't wish me one when yours rolls around.

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Courtney Stough
Courtney Stough
Jan 03, 2021

LOVE THIS!!! Happy birthday, Ri, and enjoy this new year!

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