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Single Guy Interview: Myles Jones

There have been countless times I've wondered what goes through a man's head when it comes to dating. What is he thinking? What is he looking for? Why did he do that? Holy shit, put the toilet seat down. I hate men, throw them all away. Wait... that guy's tall and employed I take it back.

What I'm saying is that I've always been interested in hearing about the male's perspective when it comes to relationships. For this post my good friend agreed to let me interview him with some questions from IG ( thank you for your questions <3 ). My first Single Guy Interview is with my friend, Myles Jones.

Myles and I have been friends for years now. Other than being tall and swaggy as hell he's a great friend - and no we have never dated. Like for real, he has given me some great advice over the years and has always been a down ass friend. Myles plays professional lacrosse and does sports broadcasting as well. I've known Myles as a guy in a relationship and as a single guy. Want to know what he's looking for and how he views dating? Then read on:


What would make you settle down?

M: A woman who has her own stuff going on. She's financially stable. She's in a position to take a relationship further than just hanging out on the weekends and drinking/partying together. Having independence so not everything that makes her happy has to revolve around me.

R: I know a thousand girls like that... there's gotta be more *still a journalist asking the hard-hitting quetsions, you're welcome*

M: Besides the obvious, I prefer a woman that's really physically attractive. If I'm physically attracted to you and we spend quality time together... sex drive's got to be there.

R: So physical touch is definitely your love language?

M: Yeah, guess so.

Do you believe in monogamy?

M: Yes, I do. I believe that if you are attracted and content with one person, then you can be good with just that person.

Have you ever been in an open relationship?

M: I personally have not but I guess when I was in high school we kind of dated throughout college. I was on my own for the first time in college and as an athlete just meeting so many different people.

R: So many girls you mean *laughs*

M: We essentially had a don't ask don't tell policy but I knew that was going to be a shit show.

What does a guy with a big social media following look for in girls he dates? Do they need to have a big social media following as well?

M: No, that's not important to me. I've never dated a girl that has a big social media following, like trying to build a big brand. It doesn't really matter to me. I know friends of mine would rather not date a girl with a larger following.

What's the best way to deal with a guy that can't commit?

M: I've been in that position before in life. Where I've just been doing a lot, moving around, and enjoyed the freedom to go out and not check in with anyone. Just enjoying the time I have to myself. I was talking to a girl that I thought I could have definitely been with but I knew that I had a lot going on and wasn't willing to depart from that.

R: Would you say you were being selfish? Or you knew you couldn't fully commit to her so you didn't want to waste her time?

M: Both! I just couldn't commit to her and didn't want to do it sporadically and get that whole consistently talk.

R: Ooh... I've given that talk before *laughs*

Have you ever had she could be the one feelings?

M: Yeah, there's always thoughts that a guy gets when you're seeing a girl for a long time.

What are your biggest turn-offs?

M: When girls make big deals of people. I know a lot of other athletes and I just see people as people.

R: You don't like a fan.

M: No I don't. I don't have many turn offs though... obviously bad kisser would be a turn off for me. Girls with bad style... everyone knows me as someone who puts thought into my outfits. Even if I'm just wearing sweats it's going to look together.

R: Yeah, you definitely have style.

Style game unmatched

Do you believe that chivalry is dead?

M: No I don't. I'm happy I'm in a great financial situation. For me and my girl, I always pay and offer to always get them something if they need it. Super simple stuff as well as like always opening the door.

Describe yourself in a relationship compared to how you are single:

M: When I'm in a relationship I'm a little more focused. I'm not running around doing dumb shit. I do enjoy my space though. I'm around different people all the time (friends, teammates, fans) and in moments I don't have to be around people I just like to chill.

When I'm home I need a girl to understand that sometimes I'm just trying to hang out. That's one thing in my past relationships that was challenging. She wanted to always do stuff and I just didn't have the energy to do anything sometimes. I just wanted to hang out.

What are three non-negotiable qualities in your "dream woman"?

M: Independent, mentally-strong, and loyal.

R: Oh my god... you just described me.

M: *laughs*


I can't thank Myles enough for letting me interview him for R&M! I hope you enjoyed having an inside look into a man's mind. Just a reminder that it's cuffing season and it's also a global pandemic so start drafting wisely <3.


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