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R&M INVESTIGATES: Why Do Guys Like Crazy Girls?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Last post of 2019!!! Thank you all SO much for reading and supporting my website. If you aren't already please subscribe to the site! You'll get an email every time I post something new - promise I won't send you anything else. Just hit the Revel + Motion logo at the top and it'll bring you to the home screen where a pop up will appear and you can enter your email address.

Now, to the important shit... I'm finally writing about something that has baffled my friends and I for the longest time: men love crazy girls. Enjoy!

If I took the time to look inward and diagnose all my girlfriends there would be at least a quarter of them I’d classify as crazy. 

Now, let me be very clear about what I define as crazy. A crazy girl is someone that needs to have discord and drama in her life so badly that she ruins moments for not only herself but others. I'll admit that I have been a crazy girl before, I think everyone has the capability to be crazy inside of them. Dream it, believe it, and you’ll achieve it hunniiii

If you know me you know my biggest guilty pleasure in life is reality TV. That’s why it’s awesome to have crazy girls as friends - constant entertainment. Let me give you some of examples of my girlfriends being crazy:

  • Drunk drove to confront their ex who went to a completely different college

  • Stalked a boy on social media (through his friend’s IG stories) that slept with and then ghosted her.. then showed up to the bar he was at, lol

  • Made up a lie to manipulate an entire group of friends and start an unnecessary fight with their boyfriend 

  • Sent a guy 40+ paragraph texts 

  • Lied about their sex number and legitimately pretend to be a virgin (hahahaha)

  • Had her "drunk text" she wanted to send the guy she was talking to written out already before we even started drinking

  • Cheated on their bf and crushed up antibiotics and slipped them in her bf's coffee so he didn't get the clap. I wish this wasn't true... but it is

  • Sent threatening texts to her ex's new girl - one of the texts included a gun

I am of course still a journalist at heart and asked my IG followers why they like crazy girls. Here are my findings:

“Always an adventure you don’t know what you’re going to get. One moment they need you like oxygen the next you’re nothing but dirt on their shoes. It’s a wild ride..... crazy girls trap you with great sex and coming off as fun at first then you realize they’re crazy. Being able to tame a woman is fun (VOMIT, LADIES GET HIM). Because sometimes crazy is more fun than mundane. Only juvenile men like crazy chicks. Because usually crazy girls are the best in bed. I need some fun in my life and crazy girls tend to be fun. Every woman is crazy in her own way."

Don't worry ladies, this isn't a personal attack. More like a research project into what makes crazy bitches so desirable - inquiring minds need to know! According to the men I talked to, they believe in order to be fun a woman needs to be crazy, which simply isn't true. Here's my breaking news announcement: for every crazy girl there is a man that made her that way. I know there are some outliers out there but looking at my friends I can pin point which guy made her fucking lose it.

For me it was that loser baseball player that cheated on me. I would text him hate paragraphs and wanted to ruin his night out because I just had suspicions he wasn't being faithful. I was right, of course, and reflecting on it I'm most grateful for this relationship (read more about him on my Dear Ex's post - scroll wayyyyyy down) He really made me act out of character. I was jealous and spiteful when I was with him. Now that I'm in my mid-20's I'm, thankfully, no longer like that when it comes to dating, it's called growth look it up.

To wrap up this post I just want to say there are some crazy fucking guys out there. Specifically, the fuck boys who tell girls they're a fuck boy but still aggressively pursue a girl. So when they finally "get" her the fuck boy does something horrible and then says, "well I told you how I was" just to validate their actions. INSANE AND LOCK THEM UP! 2019 was the year of the fuck boy and the crazy girl, congrats on a good run but it's almost over now.

With 2020 right around the corner I'm hopeful the witty, hardworking, well-dressed, level-headed girls will prevail over the crazy girls. One can hope! I hope you enjoyed this post - I wrote it while waiting for my car to get serviced. Pleaseee send me post ideas for 2020 and thank you for all the feedback - it's so appreciated! Have a great NYE and be safe, use a condom!


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