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R&M Guide: Dating in Philly

NEW SERIES ALERT! I'm happy to announce that this will be a new recurring series on Revel & Motion and it isn't going to just be Philly focused. I'm looking for readers in different cities to contribute as well! Please reach out to me if you'd like to write a R&M post about what dating looks like in your city. I can keep you anonymous if you'd like or plug your own blog/IG if you're interested in that as well. Shoot me an email or DM if you're seriously interested and I can go over the format I'd like you to follow.

Now, without further ado here's my take on dating in the city of brotherly love...

Types of Guys in Philadelphia:

If you've been following my website since the beginning then you know I already have a post dedicated to this... The Types of Guys in Any City. However, I think in Philadelphia there are three main types of guys you're most likely to go on a date with.

Forever Frat Bro:

No surprise here that the city is crawling with them. There are so many universities in and surrounding the city you'll surely go on a date with at least one Sigma Chi bro this year. These guys have a million fucking friends and might as well have "Saturdays Are For The Boys" tatted on themselves. Find these social, beer-chugging bros at a Philly sports bar sloppily perusing for girls. These guys take the term work hard, play hard to a different level and can get blacked out faster than you can scream "check" at the waitress. They're fun but a dime a dozen in Philly and get old real quick.


I've written about athletes and where to find them in a previous post. In Philadelphia, we have the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers, Union, Wings, and Soul for professional sports team. Also, there's a plethora of college athletes at the surrounding universities. The city is just crawling with them. Most of the big-name guys keep to themselves and live in the suburbs. You may see a select few at clubs surrounded by IG models. Sometimes you'll see athletes trying to be low-key at a popular going out spot. So they can feel normal, the drama. If athletes are your jam just play it cool and don't bring up their sport. Honestly, they're not worth it!!! But I'll let you get your heart broken because the muscle definition has blinded me in the past too, sis.

Finance Bro:

Seem established but really are just ego-maniacs who get off to a girl being impressed by the UberBLACK they called. These guys either work for JPMorgan or Morgan Stanley. There is no other option and they won't shut the fuck up about it. They will take you somewhere fancy for the first date and not even look at the bill when it comes out. Just hand the waiter their card while trying to hide their half-chub at the same time. These guys will give off the vibe they are looking for something serious but they're really just fuck boys in a nice ass suit, swipe left.

Where to Meet Guys:

If you're looking for a quick hookup with a recent frat boy grad (or even 20 year old with a fake ID) then McGillins is your place. Cheap drinks and always crowded as fuck, especially after an Eagles game. This is your quintessential bar for bad decisions and foggy memories. Hot tip: low-key best wings in the city and they have a great watermelon marg in the summer.

If you're looking to meet any of the previously mentioned guys then head to:

  • Ladder, upstairs is more fun and less crowded, IMO

  • Vesper, I personally refuse to go to any club unless there's a table I'm not paying for

  • Ubahn, AIR-CONDITIONED AND IN A BASEMENT, safe haven for us sweaty bitches

  • Porta, always crowded as fuck, serve great pizza for drunk second dinner

  • Garage, Fishtown location, always a good time and good drinks! Downside it's a hike if you're staying in Center City

If you don't give a shit about meeting guys and just want to have fun and dance head to:

  • Brickwall, attached to Porta, less crowded and has better music, IMO

  • Woody's, a gay bar and has the BEST vibes, can't recommend enough for a fun night out

Typical Date:

Now, this is my personal typical date in Philly. I prefer to always have drinks. Just in case the guy sucks, or we just don't have chemistry, so I don't have to sit through an agonizing three-course meal. However, I like to go to a spot that has good drinks and great food. Because if it does go well then I have a buzz on and can get my grub on too.

Now BC (before COVID), this is the typical flow of a successful date for me:

  • drinks at Lolita, Tria, Via Locusta, Parc, or Butcher and Singer... all places that are walkable to other fun spots. Also, all these places have INCREDIBLE food so if the connection is there best believe we're grubbing.

  • more drinks at Tradesmen's, McGillins, Attico, or Assembly. I love a rooftop bar and somewhere a little more private so we can continue having conversation.

  • If we are REALLY going to have a night then maybe check out somewhere with live music to follow. Bob & Barbara's in Grad Hospital is always a fun time and has a great band.

All in all dating in Philly can be fun if you meet someone you have a great connection with. There's so much shit to do and a lot of fun places to go. For me, the only issue is I don't typically find a guy I have that fireworks connection with. However, when I do there's no short of fun shit to do in the city of brotherly love! I hope you guys enjoyed this. Next up we will have a R&M Guide to Dating in Boston!!! Make sure you are subscribed to Revel & Motion so you don't miss any of my posts. Stay safe and healthy, hookers <3


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