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Please Stop Talking

Have you ever been in the "talking" stage with a guy that only does just that... talk. There's always plans being vaguely made and you're caught in a state of confusion about a guy that you're pretty sure you only like because you needed attention.

Hey, we've all been here. However, we convince ourselves to give you some of our precious time because you could, maybe, possibly be the one. Spoiler: you aren't, but we are so desperate at this point you just might be if we have a few glasses of wine and don't make eye contact with the red flags.

*and we never heard from Brad again*

From personal experience of being the aforementioned, theoretical person being described... you are 100% wasting your damn time. If someone wants to be with you or spend time with you they will show you they want to.

Seriously, read that sentence again and then think back on some failed relationships. Can you think of some situations where you were looking for action to back up all the shit they said to you? Yes? That's okay, I promise it's not a "you" issue. It really is a them issue.

*leave my issues out of this pls*

It's their issue because they flat out don't have enough respect for you to be honest with you about their feelings. Instead, they selfishly will continue leading you on because they either like the attention, the sex is good, or they're so insecure they need someone to show interest in them - even if they aren't planning on reciprocating that interest.

I'm not trying to preach at you or be too harsh. However, my personal mindset with dating totally changed when I stopped accepting just words and minimal action. There was a quote I read recently "you're not asking too much, you're just asking the wrong person."

And while the person you're getting to know isn't respecting your needs they simply may not be your person. That's okay, there's someone out there that will. Until you find that person, you can provide yourself with all the validation in the world. This quick post was just something that I came to terms with and wanted to share in hopes that it'll help someone! If you find yourself in one of these situationships where the other person is just all talk keep it all the way moving! If they care they'll show you.


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